Tuesday, 13 March 2012

hi all ,i haven't posted for a while due to work etc,I had a great day tying at the welsh fly fair on march 3rd ,lots of great tyers and lots of visitors, in between tying and chatting to people i managed to increase my materials stock a little with some real nice turkey tails and even managed to get some Argus pheasant from Steve cooper,have been doing a little tying in between pheasant plucking [ seriously ] and other sorting out.
i tied this pattern which i seen on Monte Smiths site ,have modified it a little as the Amherst that i have needs washing and steaming to improve it [ more on this later ]. The original pattern can be seen here http://nwflytyer.wordpress.com/, [ have a look around his blog ,as you will see he is a superb tyer ]
anyway here is my version
 The recipe is as follows
Alec Jackson spey hook 3/0
Tag  silver oval
Tail  golden pheasant crest and light blue hen fibres
Butt  black wool
Body  silver tinsel and purple seal
Rib large gold oval
Hackle purple schlappen
Throat  light blue hen saddle
Wings dark grey turkey
Cheeks  Jc

I apologise for the dark photo but my skills in that department need alot of improvement,I will have to do some research
Also been tying another 'set' of flies - Red wings / Red wing heron, I'll post them all when i finish but here is the first one ,it is tied on a partridge HE2 blind eye

Best regards john

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