Sunday, 26 February 2012

hi all,I decided today to sort out my tying room ,I had quite a few 'forgot i had those 'moments,I can't really believe how much tying material we collect over the years,but some how we never seem to have the correct shade of material that we want for a pattern but obviously that then goes on the 'must get at the next show' shopping list and so the material stocks get bigger.
After having a sort out i had some spare time so decided to give the dog an early walk and maybe do some tying later ,well what a sun set
anyway,did get some tying done ,just tied a dee fly ,the Dunt ,changed a couple materials on it but i dont think it effects the pattern too much,here it is
It is tied on a 3/0 Alec Jackson spey hook , The pattern is as follows
Tag, silver oval and light blue floss
Tail, topping and teal
Body, yellow, orange and fiery brown seals fur /mohair
Rib, silver tinsel followed by silver oval
Body Hackle, black heron from fiery brown
Throat, teal
Wings, very dark turkey
Cheeks, jungle cock [dropping]
Head, black
There are a few different patterns for this fly ,you can check them out here which is a fantastic site for anyone into dee or spey flies keep a couple of hours spare if it's your first visit

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