Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A return to tying

hi everybody, after a longer than planned break from tying due to other interests and a hand injury [whilst using my wood turning lathe owch!!!].i have returned with a rekindled interest for tying ,which when i think about it i never really lost just maybe needed a break,but thats for me to ponder about and not bore you with ,last weekend at the britsh fly fair i had a fabulous time tying on the tying clinic,i hope that the people that visited my table where happy with the advice i gave and was helpful to them,one gentleman called back on sunday to say thanks for the advice about how to get dubbing onto the thread and stay on,he had gone home saturday night and practiced and it worked, so that gave me alot of satisfaction to know that i had got the information and technique across, i wonder sometimes if i am explaining techniques in a way that the person can understand and is happy with,i dont mean this in a big headed way but we all started somewhere and tend to forget how hard some techniques are to master especially for a beginner ,there seems to be lots of info to take in and master when we start tying ,so my advice is join a local club or if you know an experieced tyer pick their brains!.dont get disheartened we've all been there,practice practice and then somemore.
i was approached by a company to tie a set of 34 steelhead flies [framed] for a fishing lodge in british columbia ,hopefully it will come to fruition ,i'm quite looking forward to doing it ,i'll keep you posted and will post some pics as i go throught the flies and the finished item.
bye for now john   

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